Slim Wraps


  • Self-automated slim wrap system powered by therapeutic far infrared heat.
  • Eliminates up to 20% of the body’s toxins with lasting results.
  • Technology also relieves joint pain, improves circulation, sleep habits and metabolism.


  • Undress and slip into a disposable plastic E-Z suit provided by our salon
  • Slide into our Velcro wrap system.
  • Enjoy your own music, video or book on your favorite electronic device for 45 minutes.
  • While you like in the system your body is infiltrated with far infrared therapy.
  • Fat starts to melt immediately, after the unit reaches 110 degrees.
  • The slim wrap works to shrink stretch marks and burn cellulite while you rest.
  • Your metabolic rates will increase over time.
  • After your 45 minutes session, toss the E-Z suit in the trash, wipe off with towels, get dressed and enjoy the results.

Far Infrared SlimWrap FAQs

What are the typical results for weight loss a person can expect?
An average person can expect to see 1-2 inches lost in five wraps in a two week period and possible 1-2 lbs. initial loss in the first session.

How often should a person use the far infrared wrap? Depending on your needs and availability, the far infrared wrap can be used as little as once a week, for overall health benefits or as much as every other day for deep detox and pain relief. Most customers use the wrap three times a week the first week and twice the second week.

What should I bring with me for the far infrared wrap? Please at least 16 oz of water to sip on after the session.We also recommend an electronic device to enjoy for 45 minutes.

What do I wear in the far infrared sauna? It is recommended that you are completely nude in the E-Z suit. You are in a private room so no one will see you.

How does your wrap system differ from others in the area? We do not use tight bands over top of your clothes. Those systems allow the toxins to re-infiltrate the body with what was sweated out. You have complete coverage in our system, not just targeted areas.

What are the differences between a traditional body wrap and a far infrared wrap? With a typical salon wrap, a technician wraps your entire body in plastic like a mummy with herbs and aloe vera, and you lie on a massage table. Far infrared heat infiltrates your body with our system to release the toxins.

What are the differences between the take home “It Works” do-it-yourself body wrap and a far infrared Slim Wrap? It Works is an MLM, and cannot be purchased in stores or salons unless someone is an authorized consultant, and will try to get you to sign others up for it. Next, it contains ingredients that are not hypo-allergenic and the system is more complicated in its procedures. While it tightens and firms, it mainly pulls water not toxins out and therefore, doesn’t have lasting results.

What Products can I use to enhance my experience? We offer a cellulite and fat reduction lotion prior to the session for best results. Use it daily to continue the slimming and toning process. All natural and paraben-free.

Using the Wrap for Weight Loss

Pre-Session Directions:

  • Eat a light meal of lean protein and vegetables before your session.
  • No caffeine 2 hours before or 2 hours after your session.
  • Drink at least 16 oz. of water before your session and bring water to sip on immediately after your session.
  • Shower prior to your session – no lotions and no perfumes.
  • Bring your favorite electronic device to play on or your favorite CD, listen to our spa music or take advantage of our free WIFI.

Post-Session Directions:

  • Workout within 30 minutes of the end of your session – from brisk walk to gym workout
  • Wait for 2 hours to shower.
  • If you endure a hard workout, have a light protein shake afterward.
  • No full meals for 2 hours. Eat lean protein and green vegetables.