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Custom Airbrush Tanning, Spray Tan, Tanning Beds in Las Vegas, Far Infrared Body Wraps, Far Infrared Sauna, Red Light Collagen Therapy.
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Bronzing Las Vegas since 2006! 8+ years custom airbrush tanning experience. Specializes in contouring and shading.
Beautifying Las Vegas since 2010! Detox with far infrared body wraps and sauna. Anti-aging and improved skin tone with red light.

Indoor Tanning:
Walk-ins Welcome

- Hot Lamps!!! Filtered Glass High Pressure
as well as Levels 1 thru 5.

Airbrush Tanning:
(702) 458-8267 for an appt.

Spray Booth Tanning:
Special - 2 for $29

Good Thru July 31, 2015

Versa Spa

Best Color In Vegas
No orange EVER!

All bronze color, spray booth.
Great for any skin type and color.

You don't have to have a base tan to have great results with our spray booth!!
No ugly dark VersaSpa color
and no Mystic Booth orange.

Weekly Blog
Less is More: This statement is proven to be true in the sunless industry. If you have received... Click Here to Read More.


Red Light Therapy
Better than Botox

The best deal in anti-invasive skin treatment! It can rebuild the collagen in your skin, help alleviate acne, psoriasis and ezcema. And, it reduces cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles!

far infrared body wrap

Far Infrared Body Wrap

- NO bands to wear
- 45 minute session
- Complete privacy
- Burn up to 1400 calories
-No sweating in clothes

Click to see how it works!
- Detox - Lose inches
- Relieve back pain
- Improves blood flow
- Headache/sinus relief
- Arthritic and fibromyalgia relief

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Airbrush Tan

"By far the best airbrush tan I have ever had."
- Celebrity Jeremy Jackson, child star from Baywatch and current Hollywood fitness trainer and actor.

"Hands down, they are the best. My spray tan color is always perfect and my abs look incredible with contouring before a model shoot."
-David Paterik, Top 100 Male Model in America.

"I have been other places, and now I won't go anywhere else. It is always the perfect color for my red carpet events."
Jennifer M. (celebrity wife)

"Love the tan color and the application. She takes her time to make sure I look perfect for competitions and shoots. The best."
Christine DeGregorio, fitness model, winner and trainer.

Vitamin D Facts:
Vitamin D is produced in its most natural form via sunshine. Many of our customers' physicians have told their patients to use a tanning bed year round to increase their vitamin D levels.

Breast cancer and Vitamin D
A recent St. Louis University study has shown increased levels of Vitamin D can actually stop cell mutation


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