Custom tanning Vegas
Custom tanning Vegas
Custom tanning Vegas
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Best Spray Booth Color in Vegas
We use the #1 Award Winning Solution in the World. Used internationally in booths and handheld airbrush tanning units. EMAIL SPECIALS: * Tan for $19/mo. * Spray Tan $49/mo. * Airbrush Tan $39 ea or 3 for $89.
*See salon for details.

Airbrush Tanning Las Vegas since 2006!
The master technician specializes in contouring, shading and preparing teams for competitions.
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5 Levels of Tanning + Filtered Glass Tanning
Our Italian Series Beds are Top of the Line.
We choose the company with the highest amount of filtered light in the industry!

Beautifying Las Vegas since 2010!
Detox and lose weight with far infrared body wraps and sauna. Use red light therapy for anti-aging, stretch mark therapy and improved skin tone.


Sunshine: the Vitamin D Machine. Many of our tanning customers' physicians have told their patients to use a tanning bed year round to increase their Vitamin D levels. Find Out Why.


Far Infrared Slim Wraps
– 45 minute session
- NO bands to wear
- Complete privacy
- Burn up to 1400 calories
-No sweating in clothes


Less is More….

Less is more. This statement has been proven to be true in the sunless tanning industry. Read More +


"By far the best airbrush tan I have ever had."

- Celebrity Jeremy Jackson, child star from Baywatch and current Hollywood fitness trainer and actor. Read More +